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We are pleased to offer the patients of SKIN Medical Spa in San Francisco an array of treatment options to address particular needs. Our eMatrix skin rejuvenating platform is so versatile that it can treat several cosmetic concerns simultaneously.

What is EMatrix RF?

Skin rejuvenation may involve a number of different modalities. The eMatrix system achieves sublative rejuvenation using radiofrequency, powerful light energy that permeates the uppermost layer of the skin for optimal effects. This treatment is both ablative and non-ablative, maximizing the extent of rejuvenation without increasing downtime or side effects.

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What Issues can eMatrix treat?

Patients may choose to undergo eMatrix treatments to support smooth, youthful looking skin. This system can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prolong smoothness and firmness, and diminish the appearance of pores. Additionally, eMatrix radio-frequency energy can treat acne scars and other types of scarring.

Candidates for eMatrix Skin Resurfacing

eMatrix RF | SKIN Medical Spa | San Francisco, CA

Adults who are interested in correcting some of the most common signs of aging through natural means may appreciate the value of eMatrix treatment. We conduct a thorough medical history during our consultation visit to ensure the best possible outcome from treatment. While those with lines and wrinkles or skin laxity they would like to reduce are generally good candidates for eMatrix, it is essential to let your provider or treatment coordinator know if you are pregnant, have diabetes or an autoimmune condition, or have taken Accutane within the last six months. We also prefer to schedule eMatrix at least one month after dermal fillers have been used to enhance the area that will be treated.

How does eMatrix RF work?

The eMatrix treatment protocol is similar to laser skin resurfacing, but the energy is different. Radiofrequency is electrical energy, whereas a laser is light energy. During each treatment session, radiofrequency waves are delivered in pulses and a fractionated pattern. When energy permeates the skin, it is absorbed into the dermis where collagen is produced. On the surface, tiny injuries are sustained. The microchannels made by radiofrequency are so tiny that they begin to heal right away. Their presence, however short-lived, prompts fibroblast cells to create more collagen to heal the wounds. This process is further supported by the untreated tissue that lies between microchannels.

What makes eMatrix unique is the depth at which radiofrequency gets absorbed. Maximum results are achieved when energy, light or laser, reaches below the skin without much disruption to the epidermis. Being only slightly ablative, eMatrix can accomplish this while protecting the top layer of skin from overheating. It is for this reason that eMatrix is safe for all skin types.

Is eMatrix treatment painful?

Before treatment, Dr. Colvin or a staff member of SKIN Medical Spa will coat the skin with an appropriate amount of numbing cream. We leave this on for approximately thirty minutes before commencing with eMatrix treatment. Patients typically do not need any additional pain medication to complete their procedure in relative comfort. As energy pulses toward the skin, there are certain areas in which a slight snapping sensation may be felt. This is a momentary discomfort. Most treatment areas can be completely covered within a ten to twenty-minute period.

Is there downtime after skin resurfacing?

eMatrix RF Treatment | SKIN Medical Spa | San Francisco, CASwelling and redness are common side effects that should be expected after eMatrix treatment. This may subside within a few hours, or it may linger for three or more days. As the microchannels begin to heal, the skin may take on a rough texture for several days. This usually decreases gradually throughout the two weeks after treatment. It is possible to wear makeup right after eMatrix treatments, and we highly recommend using sunscreen.

“Downtime” after eMatrix treatments is more social in nature than physical. The appearance of redness and crusting differs based on a patient’s own healing mechanisms and the depth of tissue that is treated during sessions.

How many eMatrix treatments will I need?

Because eMatrix treatments provoke internal changes beneath the skin, we generally recommend from three to five sessions scheduled weeks apart. Completing a series of eMatrix RF treatments is the best way to achieve noticeable and lasting results.

Results from eMatrix RF

An eMatrix treatment is conducted to bring more collagen into the skin and supporting structures. This process transpires over a period of several months. Therefore, the improvements achieved become more visible over time. These improvements include diminished scarring, acne, and wrinkles. Many patients also state that their skin appears tighter as collagen firms superficial tissue.

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