Isolaz Acne Treatment

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What is Isolaz Acne Treatment?

Isolaz treatment is a unique acne therapy to help fight the root causes of acne through cleansing the pores, purifying from the inside out, and replenishing the skin. Isolaz treatment targets deep into the pores and is FDA cleared for use on all skin types. This treatment is safe, reliable and effective acne therapy.

The Isolaz Procedure

Isolaz combines the power of a vacuum with the proven benefits of broadband light to deliver an effective acne treatment. Followed by enhanced topical application, Isolaz helps targets the root causes of acne for reliable results.

Isolaz Acne Treatment Candidates

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If you experience any of the following issues, Isolaz may be right for you.

  • Frequent breakouts
  • Blackheads
  • Oily or dull skin
  • Wish you had clearer skin
  • Lack of response from oral or topical medication

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