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Non-Invasive Under Chin Fat Reduction

Introducing Coolmini for non-invasive fat reduction under the chin.

Coolmini is a non-invasive permanent fat reduction treatment for the submental (double-chin) area. Call today for a FREE assessment and ask about special introductory pricing on your treatment with Coolmini.

SKIN Product
Rewards Program

Here’s how the program works:

  • Receive 1 reward point for every dollar spent on SKIN product purchases
  • Reward points are redeemable for future SKIN treatments
  • For example, 100 points = $10 off your next treatment
  • FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders on our e-store and phone orders

SKIN Customer
Loyalty Program

Here are the details:

  • Receive any Botox or Dysport treatment within 4 months of your last visit (18 weeks or less) and you will get 10% OFF.
  • This is an ongoing program, and as long as you receive 3-4 treatments per year, or 12-18 weeks apart you will receive this fabulous discount.
  • This new program CAN be combined with the following for additional discounts:
  • This program CANNOT be combined with the following:
    • Any additional specials, promos, or discounts.

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