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Loyalty Program San Francisco CAHere at SKIN Medical Spa, we know that aging the way that you like is going to require some maintenance. To help offset some of the costs, we have created a loyalty program for patients who get Botox or Dysport. As injectables that need to be redone every 3-6 months on average, Botox and Dysport will require you to come into our office multiple times a year for you to maintain your results. To help you offset any sorts of costs associated with these injectables, we have created a loyalty program.

What Is the Loyalty Program?

Similar to loyalty programs at grocery stores, here at our office we have created a much more glamours program for our Botox and Dysport patients. This program is specifically designed to give patients 10% off if they receive 3-5 treatments per year, or treatments just 12-18 weeks apart,

What Are the Benefits of Our Loyalty Program?

In addition to getting 10% off of your Botox or Dysport treatment within 4 months of your last visit, you can also combine it with the following programs for additional discounts:

One thing to note, however, is that you cannot use this 10% off in conjunction with any other promos, discounts, or specials.

We understand that beauty does come with a price which is why we have created this loyalty program. If you interested in learning a little bit more about our unique loyalty program, schedule your next Dysport or Botox appointment at our office and we will go over this in more detail. Contact us at our San Francisco office at 415.409.6500.

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