How Laser Can Help Your Rosacea In Time for the Holidays

Laser Rosacea Treatment San Francisco CAGetting your hair did, your nails did, and everything else in between is, yes, enough to make you feel like a million bucks–especially during the holiday season. But when you suffer from a skin condition like rosacea, even getting all of those things “did” can make you feel more like a red Christmas light than anything.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that impacts more than 3 million Americans each year. By causing redness, bumps, and even visible blood vessels, rosacea is unfortunately not yet curable. Luckily, though, it is treatable with a variety of different treatments including a laser from SKIN Medical Spa.

What Is Laser Rosacea Treatment?

Here at SKIN Medical Spa, we use VBeam laser technology to reduce and eliminate the redness and frequent flushing (no, that’s not just blushing when you’re embarrassed) that are common symptoms of rosacea. By targeting the tiny, visible skin cells in the skin, VBeam works to eliminate the appearance of rosacea.

Similar to other laser treatments, most patients have to undergo several treatments for them to experience full results. During your initial consultation with our office, we will not only conduct a skin evaluation, but we will compose a treatment plan specifically targeted toward you and your skin. If you want to get your skin ready for the holidays, we may recommend starting a few treatments now so that you can show off some of your results at your next holiday party.

In addition to getting laser rosacea treatment, some patients may also benefit from the continuous use of topical ointments or creams. After a few treatments sessions, we will be able to help determine what else you can do to maintain your laser results.

Interested in learning more about laser rosacea treatment? Schedule your consultation at our San Francisco office today!

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