3 Vitamins to Take for Your Skin

Vitamins for a Healthy Skin | SKIN Medical SpaFor the most part, healthy skin starts from the inside out. In conjunction with avoiding too much sun, by eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, you can help sustain a clearer and more youthful looking complexion. Although your diet can’t necessarily reverse all types of skin damage, certain vitamins have restorative capabilities.

Vitamin A

If you are going to take one vitamin for your skin, make sure that it is vitamin A. Found in leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, and in sweet potatoes and carrots, Vitamin A can do wonders for your vital skin tissue. If your skin is dry and you have an uneven complexion, consider taking some Vitamin A. Patients who are deficient in Vitamin A, typically experience dry, flaky skin. Additionally, Vitamin A is also said to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and get rid of acne.

Vitamin E

You may have noticed that many of your reparative face creams contain Vitamin E, but why? Vitamin E can help get rid of dryness, and the appearance of scars. In fact, many dermatologists recommend applying Vitamin E oil directly to scars to help reduce its appearance. To increase your intake of Vitamin E, you can take a supplement or add things like olives, nuts, and spinach to your diet.

Vitamin C

When you typically hear of vitamin C, you probably associate it with boosting your immune health. And although Vitamin C is great at helping fight colds and other viruses, it’s also great for your skin. In fact, Vitamin C can help your body naturally produce collagen— leaving you with more youthful looking skin.

In a perfect world, french fries and doughnuts would not only be calorie free, but they would be good for your skin as well. Unfortunately, fried and sugary foods aren’t going to do your skin any favors. However, by either taking supplements or eating a diet rich in Vitamin D, E, and K, you can help your skin from the inside out. To learn more about how you can take better care of your skin, contact SKIN Medical Spa today!



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