3 Ways to Treat Rosacea

Ways To Treat Rosacea | Skin Medical SpaIt’s one thing to blush a little bit when you’re really embarrassed, but it’s another thing to blush all of the time for no reason. If you have frequent blushing that you feel like is starting to linger around for longer, then you may have a skin condition called rosacea. Even though rosacea isn’t something that’s harmful or turn into anything harmful, it can make patients feel a little bit self conscious about their skin. Unfortunately at this time, there aren’t any cures for rosacea but there definitely are some treatments. Let’s take a closer look at three treatments that we may suggest at SKIN Medical Spa.

Oral Medications

For some patients, we may recommend that you take oral medication which can help to lighten the redness and make it less noticeable. However, depending on the severity of your rosacea, it may or may not respond well to this form of treatment.

Topical Creams

Another solution that we tend to offer rosacea patients is topical cream. One of the great things about topical creams is that they typically don’t just treat the redness but they also tend to soothe the skin as well if it’s irritated and inflamed.

Laser Treatment

If you don’t respond to either oral medication or topical cream, then we may recommend V-Beam which is our laser treatment.  This laser therapy typically require multiple sessions but it helps to substantially reduce and eliminate both redness and flushing due to rosacea.

Are you interested in taking the steps to learn a little bit more about rosacea treatment? If so, then contact our San Francisco office and give us a call at 415.409.6500.

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