How to Prepare for a Photofacial

Sunspots and hyperpigmentation are pretty common in our patients during this time of year. Whether you spent too much time out in the sun or your sunscreen didn’t do its job as well as it should have, you may have a few more sunspots that you want. Although sunspots tend to fade on their own over time, they can also be a little bit obvious. Luckily, with a photofacial, we can target these pigmented spots on your face to help get rid of them. And, the great news about photofacials is that there isn’t much downtime or recovery involved. We do, however, have a few tips to help you prepare for your treatment.

Avoid the Sun

Now that the temperatures are cooling down, it’s a better time of year to get a photofacial. Because photofacials are designed to get rid of sunspots, you don’t want to expose your skin to more sun in between each session.

Plus, the sun can make your skin red and hypersensitive before an IPL, which is also something that we will want to avoid. Our suggestion? Stay out of the direct sun for at least a couple of weeks before your session.

Watch the Products

If you are on certain prescription creams like retinol, we may tell you to log off of it before our photofacial. Retinol and other creams may make your skin hypersensitive to treatments which can make a recovery a lot worse. Depending on your skin type and the strength of medication you are on, we may or may not recommend that you go off of it.


Another thing we encourage our patients to do is moisturize on a regular basis. Moisturizing will help prepare your skin for treatment and will help prevent your skin from feeling so raw afterward. Just make sure that you are using a moisturizing cream that has gentle ingredients in it so that it doesn’t irritate your skin.

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