Recovering from Facial Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalIf you are either a male or female who suffers from excessive facial hair or ingrown facial hair that causes pain and discomfort, you might be considering getting facial laser hair removal from SKIN medical spa. As the best way to permanently get rid of that unwanted hair, facial hair removal is a delicate procedure that will require you to recover properly between treatment sessions. Read on to learn more.

1.Avoid the Sun
If you have a beach or pool day planned with friends just a few days or even weeks after you get laser hair removal done on your face, think again. By exposing your skin to a laser during the hair removal process your skin will become more sensitive to the sun— meaning that you can burn more easily. As your skin fully recovers, stay away from the sun as much as possible. If you simply can’t miss a day outside, make sure to lather up your skin with sunscreen and wear a large brimmed hat that will cover all angles of your face.

2. Avoid Alcohol Based Products
If you are used to putting on after shave every day, get out of this habit after you get laser hair removal done. Although products, like aftershave, that contain alcohol are great at keeping your pores clean and clear, alcohol can actually exacerbate any pores that are sore after your laser hair removal, and leave you with a rashy looking complexion.

3. Avoid tweezing and shaving
Depending on how long you have to wait in between your laser treatments, it’s recommended that you avoid both tweezing and shaving for at least two weeks before your next treatment. The more pronounced the hair follicle is, the easier it will be for the laser to target it and ultimately get rid of it.

Getting laser hair removal done on your face can be invigorating and exciting. However, understanding how to properly care for your facial skin afterwards will help you ensure that you get the best results possible. To learn more, contact SKIN Medical Spa today!

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