Is it Time for an Eye Revival?

eyelid rejuvenation | San Francisco CAWe cannot always hide our eyes behind the latest in sunglass fashion, but some of us wish we could. The effect that age, stress, sleep, and heredity have on the eyes is all but impossible to escape. Many people try expensive creams and serums before considering if they need to book an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon. The greatest gains, however, may be found somewhere squarely in the middle. At SKIN Medical Spa, you have the opportunity to explore eyelid rejuvenation using safe, convenient injectible solutions.

Age-Related Eye Concerns
There are a few different concerns that may evolve over time. It is important to know how wrinkles form and why if you want to feel confident in your choice of treatment. We hear a lot about collagen and its role in supporting youthful, attractive skin; and we have seemingly endless technology now that is aimed at increasing collagen production on an ongoing basis. While there is a benefit to collagen remodeling, concerns around the eyes may need a bit more.

Upper eyelids may become heavy with age, or as a result of a drooping brow. The brow should sit along the bony ridge above the eye. If it falls below, the entire eye can look closed and tired. Brows may also pull inward slightly, causing a furrow to form between them that makes you look angry. To address these concerns, we may suggest Botox. Inserted into target areas such as just above or below the brow, this solution releases muscle contractions that pull on the skin.

One of the major indicators of age is under eye puffiness. This age-related condition occurs when fatty deposits accumulate beneath the eye, and when overlying skin has become too weak to “hold it in.” To eliminate bags altogether requires surgery. However, it is possible to disguise under eye bags with strategic use of dermal fillers. Products such as Juvederm, Radiesse, and Perlane may all be advantageous for the delicate under eye area. Inserted just beneath the crease in the upper cheek, as well as directly into the curved crease, a soft tissue filler can magically wipe away all evidence of under eye bags.

We are happy to help you determine your best path toward a more youthful appearance. Call (415) 409-6500.

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