3 Questions About Juvederm Answered

JuvedermJuvederm is a dermal filler that is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, cheeks, and nose. Additionally, it can also be used to help plump up your lips. As one of the most popular fillers on the market, Juvederm lasts up to a year and is extremely useful. No matter what treatment you’re getting done from SKIN Medical Spa, it is good to know the ins and outs of it. From massaging your lips to bruising, this article will answer three common questions regarding Juvederm. Read on to learn more.

  1. Do I Need to Massage My Lips?
    One of the reasons that Juvederm is so popular is because of its pliability. After you get your Juvederm injections done by one of our doctors they should massage them to help fill in any gaps in your lips. Additionally, when you are sent home gently massage your lips to break up any lumps that may be forming— this will help ensure that your lips are as uniform as possible.
  • When Will I See Results?
    The great thing about getting fillers is that you will notice results right away. However, because there is typically some bruising and swelling following your procedure, you won’t notice the full results for a few days up to a week afterward. However, if you do have a big event that you want to show off your new lips at, you can easily conceal the bruises with some makeup.
  • Will I Bruise?
    The tricky part about this question is that there isn’t a definitive answer. Depending on your skin type and whether you typically bruise or not, will both be indications of what you can expect following Juvederm injections. If you do bruise, try to ice your lips a few times a day for two-three days following your injections.

Getting Juvederm injections from SKIN Medical Spa is an excellent way to give yourself a sexy pout. If you would like to learn more either about Juvederm injections or other facial procedures, contact the experts at SKIN Medical Spa.

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