3 Things You may Not Know About CoolSculpting

Whether you like it or not, bikini season is just a short month away. Even though you can watch your calories and hit the gym like there is no tomorrow, you may want to consider getting some Coolsculpting done to. As a noninvasive body contouring procedure, CoolSculpting has helped tons of clients get rid of stubborn body fat without ever having to go under the knife. To help you decide whether or not CoolSculpting is worth looking more into, let’s look at three things that you may not know about this procedure.

You May Need Multiple Sessions

Depending on the amount of fat that you have, the area that we are treating, and how well you respond to CoolSculpting, you may have to undergo a few different treatment sessions (spaced apart) in order to see the full results that you have been wanting. Typically, during your initial consultation, we will be able to give you a better idea of how many sessions you might need.

Results Aren’t Immediate

CoolSculpting technology works in a unique way which is why it takes a few months for patients to see full results. By freezing your fat cells (which will eventually fall off), it takes your body a few months to get rid of them, but the time that you have to wait is definitely worth it.

It’s Not For Everyone

One of the things that a lot of patients don’t know about body contouring procedures is that they are for people who are within reach of their ideal weight. Typically, we recommend CoolSculpting for patients who have been sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan bit still can’t get rid of stubborn, excess fat on their own.

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