3 Swimsuits to Accentuate Your Newly Sculpted Body

CoolSculpting® San Francisco, CANow that you’ve had CoolSculpting done and you have started to see the fat freeze away before your eyes, it’s time to treat your new body to a fun treat and go shopping. And because summer is in full swing and the pool is practically calling your name, why not go shopping for a new swimsuit? To help you accentuate your newly sculpted body, we have created a brief swimsuit guide. Read on to learn more.

High Waisted Bikini

As one of the summer’s hottest trends, the high waisted bikini is ideal for almost every body type because it shows off just enough of the abdomen to be sexy while concealing the rest. And, whether you still have some weight to lose from CoolSculpting or you have the full results, a high waisted bikini is flattering on virtually everyone.

High Thigh One Piece

One piece swimsuits used to be a faux pas in the world of swimsuit fashion. However, this summer they’ve made their comeback in a big 1980’s way with a high cut on the thigh. If you recently got CoolSculpting done around your buttocks or thighs, then a high thigh one piece will give you the perfect opportunity to show off your new, slender figure.

String Bikini

For those individuals who are a bit more daring and have the new body to flaunt, it’s time to shop for a string bikini. If you got CoolSculpting on your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, a string bikini would show off your new slender figure.

CoolSculpting not only gives you confidence and a new body but a whole other reason to go shopping as well. Use the above suggestions for your body type and hit the pool in style all summer long. To learn more about CoolSculpting or to schedule a consultation, contact SKIN Medical Spa today!



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