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facial rejuvenationHere at SKIN Medical Spa, we work hard to ensure that all of our patients leave our office feeling 100% satisfied and on their way towards looking younger and more revitalized. As one of the treatments that we encourage our patients who are complaining of uneven skintone, extreme acne, or fine lines and wrinkles, our Revitalize-Peel can give you great results without you having to undergo any sort of invasive procedure. To learn more about our SKIN Revitalize Peel, read on.

What Is the Peel?
Here at SKIN Medical Spa, we provide our patients with a variety of different types of chemical peels including the Revitalize peel. Our Revitalize peel combines alpha-hydroxy acids in a strong, but gentle formulation, in order to improve your skin’s texture, tone, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give you a more youthful looking appearance overall.

Who Is Deemed a Good Candidate?
Not everyone can get a Revitalize peel and you will need to undergo a quick consultation or evaluation in order for us to make sure that you are a suitable candidate. If you suffer from
Cold sores, warts, dermatitis, rosacea, are wounded or sunburned in the area in which you would like to get the peel, then you shouldn’t get a chemical peel because it will further exacerbate your skin disorder and could cause you extreme irritation, pain, or even scarring. However, if you don’t suffer from any of those skin problems and depending on what oral medications you are one, you will likely be approved.

What is Recovery Like?
Just like with a traditional chemical peel, with our Revitalize peel, you can expect to have little downtime. Recovery, however, includes avoiding the sun and using a lot of moisturizing cream afterwards. Also, you will likely experience a bit of redness and maybe even some swelling for a few days following your peel.

If you are interested in getting smoother, healthier looking skin, contact SKIN Medical Spa today to learn more about our Revitalize peel.

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