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Laser Hair Removal San Francisco CA

Is Laser Hair Removal the Manly Thing to Do?

Having hair on top of your head and on your face are just about the only places on your body that you want to have a lot of hair. And although a little chest hair, leg hair, and arm hair can be sexy as a male, if you have too much, you may resemble more […]

Laser Hair Removal San Francisco, CA

3 Treatments Every Manly Man Should Consider

You have more flannel in your closet than you can count, you eat raw eggs, you can crush an empty beer can with one hand, and that pile of wood over there— well, let’s just say you chopped it with your own hands. Yes, you are a manly man. And even though you are the […]

Combat Ingrown Hairs: Laser Hair Removal for Men

As a man, you know just how frustrating it can be to experience ingrown hairs around your neck and chin caused by shaving. By causing your hair follicles to become irritated, clogged, and even inflamed, ingrown hairs can be more than uncomfortable— they can be unsightly as well. However, at SKIN Medical Spa, we know […]

Recovering from Facial Laser Hair Removal

If you are either a male or female who suffers from excessive facial hair or ingrown facial hair that causes pain and discomfort, you might be considering getting facial laser hair removal from SKIN medical spa. As the best way to permanently get rid of that unwanted hair, facial hair removal is a delicate procedure […]

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an in-office process that can be done either on  your lunch break or your own scheduled time. With virtually zero to little downtime required, laser hair removal can get rid of your unwanted hair in no time. However, before you go in for your first of several treatments, it’s important to […]

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