Pick and Choose: Botox or Laser for Wrinkles?

Botox for Wrinkles | SKIN Medical Spa | San Francisco CAWhen it comes to anti-aging services and products, it can seem overwhelming to know what to choose and why. While Botox works for some, it can seem like laser works better for others. But where does that leave you? Here at SKIN Medical Spa, we offer patients a variety of anti-aging techniques to treat fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of volume without making you feel confused. As two of the most popular anti-aging treatments that we offer at our office, both Botox and laser are popular for different reasons. Let’s take a closer look at how.


Botox has been and still is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure that patients get— across the board. By temporarily relaxing the muscles around your forehead and eyes, Botox helps to soften their appearance— leaving you with practically wrinkle-free skin for about 3-4 months on average. Other things that patients love about Botox is that compared to other procedures, it is relatively affordable and won’t break the bank.


For patients who are struggling with moderate fine lines and wrinkles, they may want to consider a laser treatment like our eMatrix RF laser. This unique, patented laser encourages naturally stimulates collagen production without damaging the surrounding skin. Typically, patients will receive 3-6 treatments that are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. Results from the laser vary depending on each patient.

When it comes to choosing between Botox and laser, it will depend on your skin and the results that you want, but we will be there every step of the way to help you land on the decision that is right for you. To schedule your consultation, contact our San Francisco office at 415.409.6500.

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