How to Treat Your Acne From the Inside Out

Acne Treatment San Francisco, CAAcne can be caused by a variety of different things like hormones, environmental changes, and bacteria in the skin. And although the root of your acne may be different than the person sitting next to you, there’s one thing that you likely have in common: nobody wants to have it. Here at SKIN Medical Spa, we offer our patients a unique way to get rid of their acne from inside the skin with Isolaz. Read on to learn more about Isolaz and how it can help clear out your acne once and for all.

What Is Isolaz?

There are a few main goals with Isolaz: cleansing the pores, purifying them, and then replenishing the skin. By using a combination of vacuum and light technology, one of our skincare professionals at SKIN Medical Spa will be able to target and cleanse your individual pores.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The great news about Isolaz is that it is pain-free, so you can practically relax during the entire skincare procedure. As mentioned above, Isolaz involves the CPR technique: cleansing, purifying, and replenishing.

  • Cleansing: During the first step of your Isolaz treatment, your pores will be cleansed with the use of a vacuum device. By applying gentle pressure to your skin, the vacuum will help extract dirt, blackheads, and other bacteria.
  • Purifying: Once your pores are cleansed, a broadband light will be used to target and get rid of the bacteria in your pores which can cause acne.
  • Replenishing: By using Perfusion technology, we can replenish your skin to help give you even better results and clearer skin.

What Is Recovery Like?

Because Isolaz is a non-invasive procedure, there really isn’t any recovery involved. Although your skin may be a bit red for an hour or two afterward, you can resume any normal activities or plans that you may have.

If you have acne that you just can’t seem to get rid of with topical skin care alone, then it may be time to consider Isolaz. To learn more about Isolaz or to schedule an appointment with our staff, contact SKIN Medical Spa today!


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