How to Keep Your Face Freshly Painted and Acne Free This Halloween

Acne Treatment San Francisco CAIf acne is scarier for you than a trip to the spook alley, then one of our skincare treatments at SKIN Medical Spa may help you regulate the oil on your skin while potentially getting rid of scars in the process. To ensure that your skin doesn’t break out further, make sure that you are practicing good skin care habits this Halloween.

Wash Those Brushes

Did you know that you should be washing your makeup brushes every few weeks? Brushes harbor germs, oil, and bacteria— all of which can break you out. If you are using especially oily makeup for your Halloween ensemble, make sure to thoroughly wash your brushes afterward.

Invest In Makeup

You may think that a Halloween party or two may be okay to sport cheap face paint or makeup too, but your skin will likely disagree. Rather than buying face paint from your local party store, consider investing in some professional water-based face paint which is less likely to break you out or cause any adverse reactions.


Did you know that dry skin can kick your skin’s oil glands into overdrive and cause you to break out further? And because face paint can dry your skin out, it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re properly hydrating your skin. As a precaution, apply a thin layer of cream or lotion to your face before you start painting your face.  Then, when you wash it off at night, make sure you moisturize with something thicker like a night cream.

Wash It Again and Again

When it comes to face paint, it can sometimes be trickier to get off than regular makeup. Make sure that you thoroughly wash it off with a combination of soap and water, and a makeup remover— the mix between the two should help you get everything off.

Keep your skin pimple free this Halloween by using the tips listed above. Schedule your next acne treatment with our San Francisco office.

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