FAQs About Photodynamic Acne Treatment

Photodynamic Acne Treatment San Francisco | Skin Medical Spa CAThe last thing that any adult or teenager wants to have to deal with on a daily basis is acne. However, for many patients, acne is a reality that they just can’t seem to get rid of on their own. The tricky thing about acne is that it is oftentimes caused by bacteria which can be hard to manage. Luckily, here at SKIN Medical Spa, we offer patients a unique way to fight acne-causing bacteria while simultaneously cutting down on the skin’s natural oil production.

What Is Photodynamic Acne Therapy?

Photodynamic acne therapy uses a 3-step process to help treat patients who suffer from moderate to severe acne. To start out, we will use a photosensitizing medication called Levulan which is made up of aminolevulinic acid. Depending on the patient, we will either apply it topically or inject it into the skin.

After the Levulan has been absorbed by the skin, we will use a wavelength light source called BLU-U to help activate the Levulan. This light source will work to target acne-causing bacteria while also exfoliating the skin to cut down on future acne. After treatment, you will be sent home to recover.

What Does It Feel Like?

During the BLU-U step, many patients experience tingling, warming, or a burning sensation that’s tolerable on its own without medication. If, however you experience pain at any moment, let us know and we will make adjustments.

What Is Recovery Like?

After treatment, your skin may be red, inflamed, and tender to the touch. Typically, patients can return back to work within a couple of days of treatment. Some patients experience side effects that include:




●Localized redness


During your initial consultation with us, we will go over all of the acne treatment options that we have including photodynamic acne therapy. To learn more about photodynamic acne therapy, contact us at our San Francisco office at 415.409.6500

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